Still at it with Lowes: Or why the economy is stalled.

Dear Laura: (That’s Laura with no last name from Lowes corporate re: Lowes customer service)

You say in your email that you are proud of Lowe’s Customer Service.
 Therein lies the rub. I say Customer Service at Lowes doesn’t exist.

 Here is a bit of our history, mine and Lowes: Four years ago I spent
 forty-five thousand dollars (yes, that’s 45K or $45,000.) on a brand new
 kitchen in your Poughkeepsie, NY store. That renovation included new
kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, sinks, fawcetts, accessories and
major appliances replete with Lowe’s extended warranty coverage. Oh, yes,
 and in addition to all that I contracted with the Lowes installer who
 turned out to be a horse’s ass in the installation department.

 Of the five major appliances I purchased, three came with a slight case of
 planned obsolescence.
 First it was the high-end Bosch dishwasher. The machine obsolesced at age
six months. At that point in our history, you (lowes) were dispatching repair
 services from somewhere in the Pacific Northwest and I had to wait six
 months until you sent a serviceman from the Bronx, that’s in New York City
 and I live 90 miles north in Poughkeepsie. Turned out there was a recall
on the machine. It was causing fires so I guess it’s lucky me that the
 machine was totally kaput. So it took another three months for you to
 replace the Bosch DW and the repairman sent to replace it, found that
 horses ass installer had nailed the dishwasher to the floor, no rhyme or
 reason to that. Yes, you did finally replace the recalled dishwasher, but
 why I had to go through your repair warranty service to find out about
 what had all along been recalled defies the imagination. Aren’t you
supposed to send some sort of notice about that.

 Okay, onward: Let’s discuss the purchase of a Samsung French door
refrigerator, the model with the crumbly plastic interior. Even Samsung
admitted that they had a problem in the plastic department —their
 plastic saved the company money but it couldn’t withstand cold
 temperatures. After the second replacement Samsung stated that they had
 solved the problem — not so. Your warranty service declared the Samsung
 unrepairable and replaced the Samsung with a Whirlpool French door
 refrigerator. Lowes then demanded that I pay the 400 dollar difference in
 price. (Today I am waiting for a repair service on that behemoth.)

Now comes the Whirlpool washing machine and stack gas dryer:

 After waiting three weeks for a repair person ( and finally you have figured out that there are repair service within a 50 mile radius), the repair person shows up
and says that he can’t turn off the gas to unstack the gas dryer and
 access the washing machine. I called my plumber and incurred emergency
 fees so that repair person could access the washing machine.

 This begs the question of why, Lowes would sell a warranty on the washing
 machine and gas dryer if the repair services they use can’t turn off a gas
valve. Once the plumber turned off the gas valve and the machines were
 unstacked, the serviceman takes a look and declares the washing machine
 unrepairable. I then hear from Lowes customer service that it is their
 intention to send me a gift certificate to Lowes for the amount of the
original purchase price of the washing machine. This ignors, the cost to
 install, the plumber for the gas and the fact that any suitable machine is
 now much more expensive— Not at all in the spirit of the service
contract despite what your boiler plate might say to protect Lowes bottom

 I now have a very expensive “hole” in my kitchen where the Lowes-purchased
 cherry wood cabinets were installed to accommodate a stack washer and
 dryer. I will need to pay the plumber to re install because Lowes won’t or
 can’t turn a gas valve.

 I now have to send my clothes to a laundromat.

 You might call this customer service but I call it plain devious.

 So I guess what you are really proud of is how far the company you work
 for will go to screw the customer.

 Sarah Levine-Simon

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Lowe’s Appliance Extended Warranty Scam


Lowes Appliance Warranty Scam

I purchased five major appliances from Lowes in 2008 along with their extended warranty agreements. Three of those appliances have demised.

Here’s how Lowes failed to honor the warranty:

They sent a repair man (and not in a timely fashion). He declares the appliance not repairable and suggests that Lowes send a replacement. Lowes, however, doesn’t replace the machine but sends a gift certificate to Lowes for the original cost of the appliance. On three occasions now, I have gone to Lowes, only to find that I need to add a lot of money to the value of the gift certificate in order to replace the appliance.

Not only is this response by Lowes not in the spirit of the extended warranty agreement, it is a total scam. I have now been forced to replace a Bosch Dishwasher, a Samsung French Door refrigerator and now my stack Whirlpool washing machine is kaput and once again the cheery voice of Lowes service center is offering the gift certificate instead of making the repair.