COCONUT SCHLAG: The ultimate Viennese coffee


thaicoconutCoconut occupies a warm, fuzzy place in my lexicon of nostalgia. Grandparents returning from Florida always brought back coconut treats–those coconut patties dipped in dark chocolate were my favorites. We enjoyed coconut macaroons for passover and there was often fresh coconut. My father made quite an operation out of opening up a coconut with hammer, screw driver and a saw. I don’t think anyone had told him that ten minutes in a hot oven would expand and crack the shell.

In the 1950’s coconut began to be maligned by the supposed nutrition experts whose agenda was to sell margarine aka trans fat. Coconut products disappeared from grocery shelves. Coconut was touted as the as the number one cause of hardening of the arteries up there with animal fat. Only by consuming trans fat could we counteract our destiny of strokes and heart attacks, we were told. I’m part of a…

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